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T Girl here! Whewwww chile. Where should I begin?

I’m more than self aware and at times I feel like I’m over aware. I just cannot “unsee”, “unhear” not a darn thing. Early on I started to realize how sensitive I was to the field of mental health and emotional intelligence, feeling everything that everyone felt…all the heaviness, vibes, energies, triggers, the world’s injustices, certainly became exhausting. The world calls me a Heyoka Empath. (I hate titles/labels). I always had this face that read “Talk to me. Come on, tell me all about it.”…perhaps because I come from a long line of “powerful” matriarchs and that’s just what we learn to do…take on the world (sometimes to our detriment). All my younger self ever wanted to do was help people and be their rock. I found “food” to fight all my (their) pain and after about 80lbs+ (and all the crap that comes with that) had to check myself. I had to learn how to harness this “Heyoka Empath” thing and ultimately found fitness, nature, and mindfulness as my self-care sanctuaries and methods to unload and release. I will not/cannot be everything to everybody. I have no problem letting go of things and people that absolutely drain me. I learned the art of saying “No” to others and a “Hell Yes!” to me, and still be able to be a support to others when I can. I reframe my mistakes and keep it moving.

With all of that mentioned, I care wayyyyy to much about people to let them suffer in silence, when I know and am living proof that people can and do get better. One day at a time. One day at a time.

So happy to be journeying with ya’ll! Let’s talk about it and be about it!