Join us for a full day of wellness, connection + healing!

What is Strong Black Woman Redefined?

Get ready to redefine what it means to be a Strong Black Woman at the 5th Annual Strong Black Woman Redefined mental wellness conference. 


Carefully crafted specifically for Black women by our founder Regina Renaye, this annual conference is a powerhouse event uniting policymakers, providers, and persons with lived experience to tackle the vital issues of breaking free from the suffocating cultural construct of the Strong Black Woman.


This year’s theme, “Relax, Relate, Release” will prepare to bridge the gap between silent suffering and seeking support. Strong Black Woman Redefined not only empowers you to shed the facade of false resilience but also offers a sanctuary to reconnect and access vital support and resources.


This conference is for you if you:

  • Are grappling with unidentifiable emotions and crave understanding
  • Refuse to be pigeonholed as the “Angry Black Woman” in your workplace
  • Yearn to connect with a therapist or other wellness practitioners
  • Are ready to embark on a transformative self-care journey
  • Recognize the necessity of setting and enforcing healthy boundaries
 Don’t miss out on this opportunity to rewrite the narrative and reclaim your mental wellness journey. Join us at Strong Black Woman Redefined and let’s ignite the flame of empowerment together!

Keynote Speakers from Previous Years

Past Sponsors + Supporters Include

"Black girl magic is real, but I am still human."

Regina "Thee Mindfulnista" Renaye
Founder of Mindful + Melanated