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Event postponed till 2021 due to COVID-19. New event date to be determined.


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Join Us in Boston for Brunch

The concept of the Strong Black Woman is a dangerous myth.

Studies have shown that along with the stigma, the belief that we as Black women are uniquely resilient to mental distress prevents us from seeking professional mental health treatment when its needed.

Join us for brunch as we discuss how to dismantle the notion of the Strong Black Woman. Each of our panelists will share their experiences and talk about what they believe we need to do in order to redefine what it means to be a Strong Black Woman.


"Very grateful for this community. It is indeed a safe haven to express how I'm really feeling with other sisters who uplift, listen, and share. Looking forward to the group challenge! I seem to do better with changing habits when I have support. Thank you for creating and cultivating such a needed atmosphere for black woman Regina Renaye."
- LaToya, Patrick Springs, VA
"I love this group because it allows me to express my feelings without being judged. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with anxiety and I isolate myself to avoid my emotional break down. I know I need to release all the frustration. This group allows me to be myself and that's why I love this group."
- Tameka Fresno, CA
"Since joining Mindful + Melanated I've had the opportunity to really get to know and understand myself a little better. I've always wondered why I do some of the things that I do but never really understood them. This group has really helped me identify some of my tendencies and educated me on how to have a conversation with a mental health professional to get an official diagnosis and/or clarification. Regina Renaye is an amazing facilitator and has a heart bigger than Texas when it comes to helping other women like her."
- Lakeisha, Dallas, TX

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Mental wellness is an ever evolving, courageous journey that is yours and yours alone. Own it.

- Regina Renaye

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