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toya is mindful

Hello sisters! My name is Toya and I am a mindfulnista! I care about the issues that are relevant to black woman’s mental wellness and love and support you my dear sister <3 I live in Virginia with my family. I’m married with 6 youngins. I work from home helping clients with online brand management(social media, producing live stream shows etc) I like working from home because I usually have the ability to deal with folks …when I feel like it ?
My mental illness journey…I think I dealt with a case of depression when I was pregnant with my youngest child. I could not move out the bed, I could not do anything, I did not understand why but I just couldn’t. It was not morning sickness y’all. This went on for 3 months and then finally just went away.
I have always had dear friends who deal with mental issues and really felt and feel helpless as to how I can show I care without getting on their nerves…so I just listen when they talk to me and try to stay out the way when they are not feeling so great. I’m looking forward to learning in this beautiful community and become a better friend. Thank you for cultivating this environment for us @Regina!!!!