From 2008-2020, Kay dedicated her time to helping youth in the community that struggle with their mental health. During the pandemic, she decided to fulfill her dream of opening her own therapy practice. She has taken her years of experience and additional trainings to transition to helping adults as well. She is a licensed clinical professional counselor with specializations in trauma-informed therapy and holistic practices.

This is Kay’s approach: Providing a “no-judgment zone” where things are put on the table to inspire healing & growth. In order to heal, you must be willing to get uncomfortable and try something different. Rather it’s your first time seeking support or not, Kay is here to help! She just asks of you to be OPEN to the idea of improving your life.

Hello I am Brianna!

This is where I’m supposed to write about myself and assure you through my extensive experience and education that “Brianna is absolutely qualified to help me change my life.” Well, I am sure all of that will be listed somewhere in this profile :). I prefer to be more authentic, not focus so much on the things that make me acceptable to society’s standards but instead focus on one of my greatest assets as a therapist. That asset is something you have as well – humanness and understanding. Because once we peel back the layers, the years of education, the books read, certifications received – once that’s all stripped back, what ultimately connects us is our ability to understand each other on a human level. Through this connection, change is sparked.

“The only permission, the only validation, and the only opinion that matters in our quest for greatness is our own.” –Dr. Steve Maraboli

My Values and Approach

I view therapy as a road trip, wherein you are the driver. My role is, passenger and I help you to reach your destination. Sometimes that’s providing guidance through google maps, others it’s finding the best tunes to listen to on the journey, sometimes it’s making sure you stay awake so we don’t crash, and others just being there so you don’t feel alone. My goal and role is to help you reach your destination. It won’t always be an easy journey but as long as your willing to keep your foot on the petals I’ll be there to support!

I truly believe in meeting you were you are and through this leveled connection we can work together to build on your strengths to reach your desired heights of fulfillment.

A Tribe Called Black is a grassroots organization and growing community, that is prioritizing Black and Brown individuals – learning, connecting, healing and building cultural wealth by prioritizing the experiences of persons of color.

Ebony, Founder & Chief Trainer
Ebony Flint founded “A Tribe Called Black,” a peer support initiative to promote well-being and create cultural wealth in her community.
Ebony grew up in the projects in Boston and identifies as a trauma survivor, having overcome the struggles of life with continuous sexual and emotional abuse from a very young age. Ebony is passionate about teaching strategies to help others navigate and address emotional and/or mental distress and other challenges as both a parent of a child with special needs and a person who has overcome traumatic experiences alone.

Ebony is also highly skilled in program development, training, and group facilitation. Ebony is a board member of the Council Against Institutional & Psychiatric Abuse (CAIPA). This council is the advisory board for the Disability Law Center. She has experience working with people both within the community and in hospital settings. Ebony is a Certified Peer Specialist, a Peer Group Facilitator for Alternatives to Suicide and Hearing Voices Network, and a Wellness Recovery Action Plan Facilitator.

Certified Peer Specialist
Charting the Life Course Ambassador
Alternatives to Suicide Trainer/Facilitator
Hearing Voices Network Trainer/Facilitator
WRAP Facilitator

When not at work, Ebony enjoys sarcastic shirts, UFC, spending time with her daughter, traveling, and listening to music—especially rap.

Hear what Ebony has to say about how support groups can help those who need mental wellness support.

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Evolve, because the possibilities are endless

Ascend to a higher consciousness

Learn what it means to be present

while doing it all with Love.