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Why we are called Mindful+Melanated

mind·ful /ˈmīn(d)fəl/
adjective :focusing one’s awareness on the present moment

mel·a·na·ted /ˈmelänātəd/
adjective :an adjective form of “melanin” that describes people with ebony pigment

We are Mindful + Melanated because we are Black Women who strive to focus on mindfulness in order to improve our mental health and wellness. We openly discuss mental health issues that are unique to us as Black women and work hard to change how mental health is viewed in our community.

About Mindful+Melanated

Mindful + Melanated is a social wellness and peer support community for Black women. Our mission at Mindful + Melanated is to create and cultivate a community that empowers Black women to achieve and sustain a healthy, balanced life. We achieve this by providing peer support and access to culturally competent mental wellness resources, providers, and programs.
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Regina Renaye

Founder  |  Mindful+Melanated

Meet The Founder

I have suffered from chronic clinical depression since the age of 12. As a child, I did not know how to manage my depression – in fact I didn’t even know what depression was. As an adult, none of the Black women in my circle (openly) dealt with mental health issues. For a long time I felt alone. There was no one I could talk to who could relate to my experience with mental health issues. Because of this, I went on a quest to find a local peer support group for Black women. Nothing turned up in my search so I tried to find an online peer group. Again, my search was in vain. Because I couldn’t find one, I created one. Because Black women have unique issues surrounding mental health and wellness, we need a safe space specifically for us. That is why I founded Mindful + Melanated.

"Black girl magic is real, but I am still human."

-Regina "The Mindfulnista" Renaye
Founder of Mindful + Melanated

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